We live in an era of booming startup investments. Many companies achieve over billion-dollar valuations in private markets and gain the honorary Unicorn title coined by Aileen Lee in her 2013 article.

The media and business worlds are full of statements about Unicorns being worth this or that amounts, usually based on the latest shares trade transactions of those companies — mostly funding rounds, sometimes secondary trades.

But, there is one crucial factor missed from almost all commentaries about startup valuations: it is reliability — reliability of the implied valuations of funding rounds to serve as a proxy for how…

Business incumbents have a problem: entrepreneurial people do not want to work there. Back in 2014 Wharton Business School published the paper about How to Retain and Attract Entrepreneurial Talent citing studies with the evidence that majority of entrepreneurial employees want to stay at work, but quit out of frustration of being too restricted.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs have a problem too: their start-ups go bust, quite frequently. The Venture Capital Funnel from CB Insights gives some statistics about it:

VC funded companies outcome funnel by funding rounds

So, while entrepreneurs go their own way and establish start-ups which mostly fail, incumbents lack such talent to generate…

With the rise of technologically driven ventures in financial services over the past decade, banks have been anticipated more and more to start resembling their big tech peers and go on a shopping spree for FinTech companies.

In the current wave of the post-2008 crisis period, the Banking-FinTech relationship started with a hostile call to disruption and shouts of Revolution. But realising things were not that simple, by 2014–2015 “R” was dropped and softened to Evolution, with partnership conversations replacing disruption talk. Afterwards, most partnerships proved to be frustrating to execute for both parties and turned into a client-vendor form…

David Abashidze

Banker, FinTech Investor, Finance Educator

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